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   In the southeast corner of Europe lies Portugal, one fifth of the Iberian Peninsula it
shares with Spain. Under a Republican government the modern Portugal is one of the worlds most developed countries and is the 4th most spoken in the world.
As one of the oldest countries in Europe their citizens experience classic architecture, culture and can communicate with more than 300 million Portuguese speakers worldwide.
Portuguese residency immediately allows visa-free access of up to 26 EU based countries with the promise of visa-free access to over 170 countries if citizenship is attained. Applicants and their dependents are not required to live in Portugal, this means you can apply for and receive residency without having to relocate your entire family or renounce original citizenship.

The Portugal Golden Visa Program By Investment

     The Portugal Golden Visa Program is a residency-by-investment program that grants residency permits to non-EU citizens who invest in Portugal. It was launched by the Portuguese government in October 2012 as a way to attract foreign investment and boost the country’s economy.

Benefits of Portuguese Golden Vis

Visa Free Travel

A Portuguese Golden Visa automatically grants you the right to travel anywhere in the European Union without a visa. Then, once you obtain your Portuguese passport, you will also enjoy the full right to travel visa-free to over 150 countries in the world.

Lenient Residency Requirements

To obtain Portuguese citizenship, you do not need to live in Portugal full-time. You have to be in the country for seven days out of the first year and then 14 days in the following two-year periods. Once five years have passed, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship and residency requirements will no longer be necessary.

Ability to Live and Work in an EU Country

A Portuguese Golden Visa grants you residence in Portugal, which is a member of the European Union. This means that you can eventually obtain a Portuguese passport and enjoy the full benefits of EU nationality: no borders, access to the EU single market, and life in a stable, democratic, prosperous, and secure community.

Access to Portuguese Healthcare and Education

As Portuguese residents or citizens, you and your family will have access to all its national services, such as healthcare and education. Portugal also boasts a relatively high-quality level of public education across all levels – from elementary school to university. The literacy rate in Portugal sits at 99.44, and Portuguese students continuously display higher-than-average scores on PISA tests.

Portuguese Golden Visa


You and your dependent family Children (over 18 & Parents)

Processing Time

10-18 Months

Passport Ranking

You and your dependent family Children (over 18 & Parents)

Investment Cost

A Portugal Golden Visa is obtained by investing at least €250,000e

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Golden Visa for Portugal, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must make a significant investment that is beneficial to the Portuguese economy
  • You must have no history of criminal records
  • You must own the money you seek to invest
  • You must commit to maintaining the investment for at least another five years

Investment Options

Capital Investment

1. An investment of Euro 360,000 in research activities.
2. An investment of Euro 260,000 in the arts.
3. An investment of Euro 510,000 into venture capital or investment funds (creating 10 or more jobs

Real Estate

1. A minimum investment of Euro 510,000 into property.
2. A minimum investment of Euro 360,000 into property older than 30 years, or located in an area designated as an “urban regeneration zone”

Steps and Procedures

Step 1

Sign a retainer agreement for Adeniyi Group to act as your advisor for application, due-diligence & legal processes.

Step 2

Arrange a visit the Portuguese embassy to attest the required list of documents.

Step 3

Transfer the investment amount any applicable fees into an approved Escrow account.

Step 4

Travel to Portugal for biometrics and to submit the application for permanent residence and the supporting documentation.

Step 5

Temporary residency will be issued within 4 months of your property purchase

Step 6

Applications for your renewal of the ‘Golden Visa’ should be sent every year for the next 4 years. Perma residency will be granted in year 5

Step 7

After your 6th year of residency you can then apply for Portuguese citizenship. Citizenship will be granted within 3-6 months depending on individual approval.

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Please be informed a minimum of 100,000 USD is required for this citizenship program